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Lighthouse project in the canton of Aargau

Lighthouse project in the canton of Aargau


In the Switzerland InnovationsPark Innovaare, creative entrepreneurs come together with leading scientists to solve the challenges in business and society through technical innovation.

Switzerland is at the forefront of the most innovative countries in the world: "We are building a high-tech ecosystem here, based on the research focus of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI)," Benno Rechsteiner, CEO of Innovaare AG told Immo! Nvest. “With its top-class large research facilities, PSI is the largest research institute in Switzerland. In order to promote exchange with industry, several departments are moving into the innovation campus, which is connected to the PSI site by an underpass. This gives you direct access to the particle accelerator opposite. " Park Innovaare already houses 17 high-tech companies in existing buildings. These companies originate from research at the Paul Scherrer Institute, ETH, EPFL and CERN. "For us, a mix of research departments, large industrial companies, development-oriented SMEs and high-tech start-ups is ideal."

Greatest possible flexibility
In order to meet the demands of a modern innovation campus in the long term, the property must be built as flexibly as possible so that later adjustments are possible: to enter into settling companies ». says Rechsteiner, who sees the Innovaare Park as a lighthouse project in the canton of Aargau.

Renewable energy sources
Around 95 percent of the heat requirements of Park Innovaare are covered by waste heat from cooling and around five percent by PSI's district heating network. Highly efficient HFO machines, which draw their energy from the Aare, are used to efficiently generate the cooling energy. From this point of view, the energy requirements of the 38,000 m2 innovation campus for heating and cooling are largely met from renewable sources.