Riehen BS, October 2023

Cantonal properties in Riehen win sustainability award

Properties of the Canton of Basel-Stadt have won the international prize for sustainable architecture awarded by the University of Ferrara and the Fassa Bortolo company. The buildings on Hirtenweg in Riehen scored points for their wooden construction and socially acceptable densification of living

Turgi AG, September 2023

Waste incineration plant in Turgi to be renovated at a cost of 325 million Swiss francs

The waste incineration plant (KVA) in Turgi needs to be renewed. The general assembly will decide on 27 September on a project credit of 17 million Swiss francs. The total costs are estimated at 325

Bern, September 2023

Mobiliar invests in heat reduction in Bern neighbourhood

Mobiliar is paying 450,000 francs for measures to reduce heat in the Breitenrain district of Bern. The municipal council has approved 1.3 million francs for this. In the course of the renovation of the utility lines by Energie Wasser Bern, Optingenstrasse is to become greener, cooler and more

Schlieren ZH/Winterthur, September 2023

Venture Kick supports Borobotics with 150,000 Swiss francs

Venture Kick is funding the development of an innovative drilling robot by Borobotics with 150,000 Swiss francs. It enables the drilling of holes for geothermal heating systems next to buildings in a small space and at significantly lower

September 2023

Efficient asphalt recycling in Switzerland

Switzerland is built, at least as far as the road network is concerned. Therefore, despite recycling, significantly more asphalt is produced today than can be reinstalled in new roads. Empa researcher Martins Zaumanis has set himself the goal of increasing the recycled content of asphalt - with

Zürich/Ostermundigen BE, September 2023

Steiner initiates construction of wooden building in Ostermundingen

Steiner is tackling the construction of the NIDO project. As part of the project, the Zurich-based real estate developer is building 17 condominiums in Ostermundigen using timber construction. The building will also have an arcade and outdoor

Opfikon ZH, September 2023

Implenia receives top rating for sustainability

Implenia has improved its sustainability rating from Sustainalytics by one point. With 86 points, the construction and real estate company has consolidated its position as the industry

August 2023

10 million Swiss francs in funding for concrete recycling technology

Sikas is being specifically promoted as part of a climate protection programme. This is a new type of concrete recycling process that enables the complete recycling of old concrete and binds CO2 at the same time. In order to support the use of the technology, the Swiss Climate Cent Foundation

August 2023

“Green” asphalt: a milestone towards climate-friendly road construction

The Department of Construction and Transport of the Canton of Basel-Stadt has developed a CO2-negative asphalt together with a Basel institute for building materials technology. Thanks to vegetable carbon, it binds more CO2 than it causes. The high-quality road surface should considerably reduce

St.Gallen , August 2023

Empa entwickelt recycelbaren Kunststoff für die Industrie

Forschende der Eidgenössischen Materialprüfungs- und Forschungsanstalt (Empa) in St.Gallen haben ein Epoxidharz entwickelt, das sich wiederverwerten und reparieren lässt. Damit schaffen sie einen neuen Kunststoff, der etwa beim Bau von Flugzeugen, Zügen oder bei Beschichtungen für

Dietikon ZH, August 2023

Dietikon expands information offer on its city app

The city of Dietikon is expanding its information offering on the Dietikon city app to include local real-time data on temperature, air quality and traffic. This expansion completes the last sub-project of the Smart City Innovation Challenge

August 2023

New plastic protects against flames

Empa researchers have developed an epoxy resin that can be repaired and recycled - and is also flame retardant and mechanically resistant. Possible applications range from coatings for parquet floors to composite materials for trains and

August 2023

How do you develop climate-neutral real estate?

The exponential increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations since industrialisation leads to an intensified greenhouse effect. This is causing irreversible damage to natural ecosystems and to our society. Mitigation and adaptation measures are crucial for the preservation of livelihoods

Bern/Gümligen BE, August 2023

Urbane Dörfer lädt zur Eröffnung nach Melchenbühl ein  

Die Genossenschaft Urbane Dörfer lanciert ihr zweites Pionierprojekt. Sie lädt am 26. August nach Muri-Gümligen zur Eröffnung des Urbanen Dorfs Melchenbühl ein. Langfristig entsteht dort ein vielfältiger Wohn-, Arbeits- und Kreativort mit 60

August 2023

ZHAW wins bid for SWEET funding programme

The "reFuel.ch" consortium, led by the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research (Empa), has been awarded the SWEET funding programme. The ZHAW is involved in the project with the School of Engineering and the School of Management and Law. The Center for Energy and the

August 2023

Modular wooden fixtures for interim uses

The "àDisposition" project pursues the goal of making interim uses simple and sustainable thanks to modular installations. The BFH researchers produced four prototypes together with the project partners and set them up at DISPO in

Luzern/Bern, August 2023

Energy Cluster invites to one-day course on photovoltaic façades

Energy Cluster invites interested parties to a one-day course on photovoltaic façades. At the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts on 12 September, the focus will be on the role of photovoltaic façades in the energy system of the

Lugano/Monterrey, August 2023

Synhelion and Cemex scale up solar clinker to industrial level

Synhelion and the Mexican cement producer Cemex are recording further progress in the development of fully solar-powered cement plants. After a pilot project, they raised the production of clinker to an industrially usable

Ruggell/Winterthur, August 2023

Foldable solar roof from iWorks is validated

Called the Urbanbox, iWorks' flexible photovoltaic solution has received scientific proof from a team at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences that it meets practical requirements. The foldable system is scheduled to go on sale at the end of

Cham ZG, August 2023

AMAG commissions second photovoltaic plant in Cham

AMAG has installed the second photovoltaic system in Cham on the roof of the public AMAG car park. As with the AMAG Zug site, which will open in June 2023, the electricity is to be produced for the company's own use or fed into the public

Rümlang ZH, August 2023

Dormakaba is a practice partner in EU research on building management

The company dormakaba, which specialises in access management for buildings, is the only practical partner participating in the openDBL research project funded by the European Union. The aim is to develop a so-called digital

Zürich, July 2023

“co-operate” – a model for climate-friendly construction

The future campus of Empa and Eawag is nearing completion; it is intended to become an inspiring space for new ideas and innovations, also with a view to environmentally and climate-friendly construction of the future. The buildings and facilities are full of ideas for saving or generating energy

Zürich/Winterthur, July 2023

Zurich Wind – Zurich cooperation for the use of Zurich wind energy

EKZ, ewz and Stadtwerk Winterthur are planning a joint cooperation for the use of wind energy in the canton of Zurich. The three partners want to jointly realise wind energy projects in the potential areas to be examined by the canton of Zurich. With this cooperation, the three energy utilities are

July 2023

4000 scenarios for the climate change

With an extensive computer simulation of the climate, global economy and global energy system, PSI researchers, together with colleagues from the USA, China, Ireland, Finland and Sweden, have analysed different possibilities for a climate

July 2023

“Charter for Circular Building” twelve big ones make headway

When twelve of the biggest construction companies in Switzerland commit to the circular economy, it has an impact. Today, too many raw materials are still irretrievably lost in construction. If fewer non-renewable raw materials and energies are used, the construction industry will become much more

July 2023

Alpine solar plant planned at the Madrisa mountain railway

Repower, together with the municipality of Klosters and Klosters-Madrisa Bergbahnen AG, is planning to build an alpine solar plant at the Madrisa mountain railway. With an installed capacity of 12 MW, the plant in the "Züg" area could fully supply both the mountain railway and a large number of

June 2023

The Swiss are in favour of the rapid expansion of renewable energies

87 percent of the Swiss want to further expand renewable energies such as wind, solar and hydropower. To achieve this, the majority (52 percent) are also prepared to dig deeper into their pockets. These are the results of the Energy Trend Monitor 2023, which was commissioned by STIEBEL ELTRON and

June 2023

Use of stationary hydrogen fuel cells to support the energy transition

The increasing use of photovoltaic and wind energy in the future, which depends on the time of day and weather conditions, poses risks for the Swiss electricity grid. One solution is the use of hydrogen as an energy storage medium, which can be used for environmentally friendly electricity and heat

June 2023

“NEST provides the ideal environment to further develop our innovation”

Building façades hold great potential for producing and saving energy. Today, however, this potential is still too little used. As part of the NEST HiLo unit, researchers from the Architecture and Building Systems Group at ETH Zurich have developed an innovative adaptive solar façade that

Winterthur, June 2023

Challenges are the mother of invention

In autumn 2022, 33 students at the ZHAW in Winterthur experimented with the architectural potential of reusing building components - and achieved some surprising