Zürich/Kriens LU, September 2023

LEDCity wins Green Business Award

LEDCitiy has been awarded this year's Green Business Award. The Zurich-based company convinced the jury with its intelligent lighting

Oberburg BE/Luzern, September 2023

Heating control from Yuon Control saves 20 percent energy

Researchers at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts have shown that the self-learning, predictive heating control system developed by the Bernese start-up Yuon Control saves an average of 20 percent energy and thus CO2. It can be used in all types of residential

Baden AG/Ilanz GR, September 2023

Axpo plans another alpine solar plant in Graubünden

The energy company Axpo wants to build an alpine solar plant in the Grisons town of Ilanz to generate 22 gigawatt hours of sustainable electricity annually. The plant will combine nature, leisure activities and energy generation in an exemplary

Thun BE/Cham ZG, September 2023

Helion Energy and Meyer Burger enter into partnership

Solarspezialist Helion Energy, eine Tochterfirma der AMAG AG, verwendet künftig bevorzugt Solarmodule des Photovoltaik-Herstellers Meyer Burger. Damit wird die Schweizer Solarwirtschaft weniger abhängig von ausländischen

Bern, September 2023

Parliament decides on solar obligation for large new buildings

National- und Ständerat haben sich auf die Einführung einer Solarpflicht für grosse Neubauten geeinigt. Eine generelle Solarpflicht auch für Umbauten wird dagegen abgelehnt. Bei weiteren Punkten des Mantelerlasses Energie bestehen weiterhin Divergenzen zwischen den beiden

Netstal GL, September 2023

Netstal lime factory presents CO2 capture project

Die Kalkfabrik Netstal hat ihr Projekt zur Abscheidung von CO2 aus der Kalkproduktion vorgestellt. Dabei soll das CO2 im Abgas hoch konzentriert und dann verflüssigt werden. An der Präsentation bescheinigte Bundesrat Albert Rösti der Technologie auch weltweit ein hohes

September 2023

Parlament einigt sich bei Solarpflicht für Gebäude

Auf grossen Dächern und Fassaden müssen künftig Solarpanels angebracht werden. So will es das Parlament. Diese Solarpflicht gilt für Neubauten und auch für Umbauten in erheblichem Ausmass.

September 2023

Orientation for real estate and utilities in the complex energy sector

The market overview provides property owners and energy supply companies with a comprehensive insight into the various EMS options and supports the selection of suitable solutions. Energie Zukunft Schweiz AG (EZS) publishes the Swiss Market Overview 2023 for Energy Management Systems (EMS). The

Wetzikon ZH/Zürich, September 2023

Wetzikon votes for the district heating network

The voters of Wetzikon approve the foundation of Fernwärme Wetzikon AG. Energie 360° and the town of Wetzikon will jointly operate the district heating network. It is to supply 50 per cent of households with heat from wastewater treatment and refuse

Zürich , September 2023

Ecospeed simplifies energy accounting for buildings

Ecospeed is expanding its software for creating CO2 balances. With new functions, companies, municipalities and building operators can calculate their actual energy consumption more easily. Among other things, this allows the effectiveness of improvements to be determined

Zug, September 2023

WWZ expands district heating business

The WWZ Group is focusing on more district heating. In addition to the already initiated project for a heating network in Steinhausen ZG, the feasibility of a network in Baar ZG is being examined. The district heating business area made an increased contribution to the Group's sales in the first

Degersheim SG/Sant’Antonio TI, August 2023

Krüger acquires Innovida Swiss Technology

Die Krüger & Co. AG übernimmt Innovida Swiss Technology, einen Tessiner Hersteller von Wärmepumpen. Damit möchte der Spezialist für Raumklima die steigende Nachfrage nach nachhaltigen Heizsystemen bedienen

Zizers GR, August 2023

Consortium brings solar folding roofs to motorway rest areas

Aventron, BG Ingenieure und Berater, Cargo sous terrain and dhp technology have formed a consortium. Together they are equipping motorway service areas in western Switzerland with solar folding roofs from dhp

Deitingen SO, August 2023

Megasol commissions its own solar roofs on its car park

The Nicer X quick mounting system from Megasol turns parking spaces into charging stations for electric cars. The internationally active solar manufacturer has now equipped its own parking spaces at its headquarters with it. The Wingport also convinces the German Mojen Solar

Zizers GR/Stuttgart, August 2023

dhp brings its largest folding solar roof to Stuttgart

The Grisons-based company dhp Technology is building its largest folding solar roof to date in Stuttgart. By spring 2026, the main sewage treatment plant will be equipped with 5280 modules on an area of almost two football fields. With the electricity from renewable energies, the sewage treatment

Winterthur, August 2023

Borobotics builds prototypes of its drilling robot for geothermal energy

Borobotics AG is about to build its prototype. The self-developed Grabowski drilling robot is intended to replace traditional drilling methods for geothermal heat pumps. In contrast, Grabowski is space-saving, very quiet, more efficient and consumes many times less

Illnau-Effretikon ZH, August 2023

Illnau-Effretikon and Energie 360° agree on energy network

The town of Illnau-Effretikon and the energy provider Energie 360° have signed a contract to cooperate in the development of a large energy network. Instead of fossil-fuelled heating systems, heat is to be generated from renewable

August 2023

Heat pump market calms down

As recently as last year, GebäudeKlima Schweiz recorded a 23 percent increase in heat pump sales in the recorded market figures. Now the market has calmed down somewhat, as have the supply chains. Nevertheless, it is still advisable to plan heating system replacements at an early

Schlieren ZH, August 2023

Schlieren continues to make progress with solar expansion

At the end of August, the city of Schlieren will put the largest municipal solar plant into operation at the Centre for Innovation and Young Entrepreneurs. The electricity generated there will be used at the same location. In addition, six new charging stations for electric cars will be available

Urdorf ZH/Spreitenbach AG, August 2023

Umwelt Arena shows lighthouse project Building 2050 Urdorf

The Stiftung Umwelt Arena Schweiz shows the pioneering project Bauen 2050 Urdorf during guided tours. Interested parties are also shown a model flat in the CO2-neutral development. The programme is also suitable as a company outing. Among other things, recycled concrete was used in the

August 2023

ZHAW wins bid for SWEET funding programme

The "reFuel.ch" consortium, led by the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research (Empa), has been awarded the SWEET funding programme. The ZHAW is involved in the project with the School of Engineering and the School of Management and Law. The Center for Energy and the

Luzern/Bern, August 2023

Energy Cluster invites to one-day course on photovoltaic façades

Energy Cluster invites interested parties to a one-day course on photovoltaic façades. At the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts on 12 September, the focus will be on the role of photovoltaic façades in the energy system of the

Ruggell/Winterthur, August 2023

Foldable solar roof from iWorks is validated

Called the Urbanbox, iWorks' flexible photovoltaic solution has received scientific proof from a team at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences that it meets practical requirements. The foldable system is scheduled to go on sale at the end of

August 2023

With microorganisms against the winter power shortage

At depths of over a thousand metres, microorganisms combine hydrogen and CO2 to produce renewable methane. This so-called geo-methanisation is a promising process for storing renewable summer electricity for the

Cham ZG, August 2023

AMAG commissions second photovoltaic plant in Cham

AMAG has installed the second photovoltaic system in Cham on the roof of the public AMAG car park. As with the AMAG Zug site, which will open in June 2023, the electricity is to be produced for the company's own use or fed into the public

Laufenburg AG, August 2023

Energiedienst Group grows profitably

Energiedienst Holding AG increased its operating income to 973 million euros in the first half of 2023. The adjusted operating result increased disproportionately to 77 million euros. The target for the year as a whole is 100 million

Schwerzenbach ZH, August 2023

Heating renovations boost Meier Tobler’s business

Meier Tobler continued to grow in the first half of 2023. The company benefited above all from heating renovations and the heat pump business. Meier Tobler also moved into a new location in the canton of

Schweiz/Colorado USA , July 2023

New Swiss solar cell production in the USA

Meyer Burger announces the opening of a high-performance solar cell plant in Colorado Springs. With an initial capacity of two gigawatts of solar cells per year, the new plant will exclusively supply Meyer Burger's solar module production in Goodyear for the North American market. To start

Luzern, April 2023

Greenpower: Unique energy ecosystem in Dagmersellen

An ecosystem of renewable energies is planned in Dagmersellen. The centrepiece is a large wood-fired power plant that is to produce heat and renewable energy, including for green hydrogen, from 2027 at the earliest.

Luzern, April 2023

Insight into the climate strategy of the Canton of Lucerne

The Canton of Lucerne is pursuing a dual strategy in dealing with the challenges of climate change. It wants to implement measures for both climate protection and adaptation to climate change.