Cham ZG/Chur, November 2022

AMAG produces more solar power

The AMAG Group has commissioned a new photovoltaic system at its plant in Chur. With a surface area of 570 square meters, it generates about 30 percent of its own needs. The car dealer aims to have at least 75,000 square meters equipped with solar modules by

Zurich, November 2022

CEO leaves Flughafen Zürich AG

The CEO of Flughafen Zürich AG, Stephan Widrig, will step down from his post at the end of April next year and move to the real estate holding company Allreal as CEO. He was a member of the management team for almost 15 years. The process to identify a

Schlieren ZH/Bern, October 2022

Zühlke supports GVB Group with digitalization

Zühlke and the GVB Group continue to develop the insurer's digital platform. For example, damage inspection is to be digitized and the functions of the existing system expanded and integrated to a greater extent.

Heerbrugg SG, October 2022

Leica Geosystems launches new GNSS antenna

Leica Geosystems launches the Leica iCON gps 160. The new GNSS antenna is designed to meet the requirements of construction companies. Compared to the predecessor model Leica iCON gps 60, the range of applications has been increased and data reception

Business Promotion Switzerland
Zürich, September 2022

Price correction in Swiss real estate is gaining momentum

New construction Projects
October 2022

Ziegler-Areal auf dem Weg zum Wohnquartier

New construction Projects
Köniz, October 2022

Papillon: Vielfältiger Wohnraum

Business Promotion Sustainability
Schweiz, July 2022

Clever tool makes living dreams come true

Dübendorf ZH , October 2022

Viboo wins Empa Innovation Award

Luzern/Hongkong , October 2022

Mandarin Oriental Palace is newly opened

Courbevoie/Deitingen SO , October 2022

Saint-Gobain joins Megasol

Zürich/Seattle, October 2022

Wooden buildings get CO2 certificates

Schlieren ZH/Écublens VD, October 2022

Venture Kick supports Solaxer with CHF 150,000

Schlieren ZH/Zürich , October 2022

Alvoso Forum meets in the new ZSC Lions arena

Schaan/Landquart GR , October 2022

Hilcona installs new solar power plant

Schlieren ZH/Neuendorf SO, October 2022

Strabag builds a new school building in Neuendorf

Ostermundigen/Stettlen BE, October 2022

Ostermundigen installs smart thermostats in school

Palm Beach Gardens/Zürich , October 2022

Carrier invests in Archilogic

New construction
Schlieren ZH/Zug , October 2022

Swiss Prime Site lays the foundation stone for the JED site

Dübendorf ZH , October 2022

Drone swarm prints building materials in flight











































































New construction