About us



The Swiss magazine for locations and real estate. A collaboration with business development and marketing for locations.

Each issue conveys the current mood of an economic region or location and provides insight into significant projects in private and public building construction.


The Swiss trade magazine for real estate owners, architects, planners and remodeling specialists.


The annual publication of the Swiss real estate industry. An overview of the opportunities and risks of the major industry leaders.

Distribution: professional planners, construction, property owners, institutions, cooperatives, associations, groups, municipalities, miscellaneous.


The Swiss magazine for owners of residential property (e.g. one- and two-family households with an income of over CHF 150,000).

Distribution: BE, BS, LU, SG, SZ, ZG, ZH

Target groups

Specialist planners
Architects, planners, civil engineers.

General and total contractors.
Property owners of residential, commercial, industrial, administrative and public properties.

Banks, insurance companies, pension funds, investment foundations, real estate funds and investors.

Cooperatives, associations, groups
Building and housing cooperatives, retirement homes, hotel chains, etc. Private and public transport: railroad companies, mountain railroads, bus companies, streetcars and airlines.

Authorities, agencies, military, civil defense and disaster relief, energy providers, associations, and communities of interest.

Investors, facility managers, healthcare, hotels, investment, finance, administration or management.