REMNEX Investment Foundation plans capital increase

Pfäffikon SZ, January 2022

The REMNEX investment foundation wants to inject new capital into its Swiss Real Estate Commercial ECO investment group. It is to be used to expand the portfolio. Here REMNEX has just acquired a property in Lyss BE.

In the financial year that ended in September 2021, the REMNEX investment foundation generated an investment return of 12.5 percent, REMNEX AG informed in a press release. She attributes this success, among other things, to the acquisition of four properties “with an adequate risk/return profile”. REMNEX intends to further expand its Swiss Real Estate Commercial ECO investment group this year.

The company intends to carry out a capital increase from February 1st to March 4th. It should bring in around 50 million francs for the expansion of the real estate portfolio. “Very attractive acquisition objects” that come into question are already available, writes REMNEX.

REMNEX has just acquired a first new property, the company informs in a further announcement . Specifically, a commercial property was purchased in the Bernese Lyss. It shows a gross return of around 10 percent and a net return of 4.6 percent, according to the statement. No information is given there about the purchase price for the commercial property.

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