Hächler refurbishes historic Posthorn inn

Wettingen/Neuenhof AG, March 2022

The renovation and new construction work on the historic Posthorn inn in Neuenhof is progressing. Hächler AG is now erecting the roof trusses of the Posthorn and the new building. Move-in should be in February 2023.

The Hächler construction company reports progress on the renovation project with a new building for the historic Posthorn inn in Neuenhof. According to the press release , the old building will be extensively renovated. Seven rental apartments are being built in the former hotel. There is also a new building with a further 16 rental apartments.

Since the building permit for the Posthorn superstructure was granted in 2019, the structural and civil engineering department of Hächler AG has been in charge of the construction work since spring 2021. According to Hächler, the project is not easy. The historic post horn was not allowed to be torn off. The building dates from 1834 and is a protected site. Gable and facade must be preserved.

According to Hächler, to ensure the statics and to support the facade that remains in place, a complex steel brace was installed. The rest of the post horn could only be broken off after the installation of this steel spline. When the historic building was gutted, the effective master builder work began. In the meantime, the erection work on the roof trusses of the Posthorn and the new building are scheduled for March and April.

According to the construction management, the work on the superstructure will be completed around May 2022. Then the interior work takes place. The move-in date for the new apartments in the Posthorn is planned for February 2023 and in the new building for April 2023.

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