Avobis takes over Kreditfabrik

Zürich/Horgen ZH, April 2022

Avobis has bought up Kreditfabrik. With the takeover, the service provider for real estate and mortgages intends to expand its market position in mortgage servicing. In addition, the portfolio for institutional investors is to be expanded to include additional products.

Zurich -based Avobis has taken over the credit factory from Horgen ZH via Avobis Invest AG. The real estate and mortgage service provider, which specializes in independent, integrated and technology-based real estate and financing solutions, intends to use the integration to further expand its market position in mortgage servicing.

As Avobis writes in a press release , both companies are leading providers of mortgage services. Avobis has been strongly positioned in servicing solutions in the mortgage market for 25 years. Kreditfabrik specializes in services for the processing, management and risk assessment of mortgages.

Thanks to Kreditfabrik's customer relationships, Avobis will have a credit volume of over CHF 12 billion after the takeover and will be able to underline its "number 1 position in the market". "Avobis is the largest provider on the Swiss market that can support pension funds, investment foundations, insurance companies and all types of banks as mortgage servicing customers with the right solution for them," says Andreas Granella, Managing Director of Avobis Invest AG . As an asset manager for collective capital investments, Avobis Invest AG offers services for all customer segments.

In order to complete the range of services "along the entire real estate value chain", Avobis Invest AG also wants to create additional investment opportunities for institutional investors in the coming year by introducing new products.

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