3S Solar Plus inaugurates a new production line

Thun, August 2021

The solar company 3S Solar Plus has inaugurated a new production line in Thun. City President Raphael Lanz was also there. The expanded capacity is intended to increase the ability to deliver various products for building-integrated photovoltaics.

3S Solar Plus AG opened a new production line at its location in Thun on August 20th. Several guests from business and politics attended the celebration – among them the Mayor of Thun, Raphael Lanz.

"With the ultra-modern line we are increasing our capacity and flexibility many times over", Patrick Hofer-Noser, owner and managing director of 3S Solar Plus, is quoted in a media release. The expansion is intended in particular to increase the delivery capability of various products for building-integrated photovoltaics. These are delivered to customers in Switzerland and other European countries.

3S Solar Plus specializes in the manufacture of building products that generate energy thanks to integrated solar technology. The company separated from the solar company Meyer Burger in 2018. Since then it has more than doubled the number of its employees.

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