Continuation of business development in Schaffhausen decided

Schaffhausen, July 2024

The consulting firm Generis AG will continue the economic development of the canton of Schaffhausen until 2032. The government council decided to extend the current service mandate. Generis prevailed against another competitor.

The consulting firm Generis AG will continue to manage the economic development of the Canton of Schaffhausen until 2032, the State Chancellery of the Canton of Schaffhausen announced in a press release. The same applies to the Regional and Location Development Office. This was decided by the cantonal government at the beginning of July.

The current Generis AG service contract expires at the end of 2024. The cantonal administration put the mandate out to public tender for the new award. In the two-stage tendering process, Generis AG prevailed over another competitor, according to the press release. The name of the unsuccessful competitor is not mentioned.

Generis is active in the business areas of economic and living spaces as well as organisations and ecosystems. According to the consultancy, it develops “innovations at the interface between politics and business”. Generis brings new perspectives to the design of economic and living spaces, brings together the relevant players and assumes responsibility for the development, implementation and operation of new concepts. Based in Schaffhausen, the company also has offices in Bern and Beijing.

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